Cover & Featured Model of the Week: Ana Braga “Brazilian Barbie” (Interview/Photos)

Cover & Featured Model of the Week: Ana Braga “Brazilian Barbie” - CA, NV, USA (Interview/Photos)

Hello Ana and, welcome to FXM®! Can you tell us how you got started in modeling and, what inspired you to get started? I started at a very young age in Brazil. My mother and my aunt both did extensive modeling in Brazil. My mom and my grandma won many beauty pageants. It’s in my blood and I can’t help it. I did a lot of runway shows in Brazil from children’s clothing to print work and also as a teenager. So of course, my mom and her family really inspired me to pursue the modeling career. I did take a long break from modeling tho. I’m also a Professional Dancer and did it for many years. Was lucky to perform with many amazing artists such as Lil John, Pitbul, Charo. To name a few.

What do you love most about modeling? I love photo shoots, I love seeing my images. I love posing. It’s way too much fun!

What do you dislike about modeling? How shallow it could get sometimes. Most people just know me for my looks but I’m more than looks, I’m a down to earth fun girl!

What modeling genre classified you best? Glamour I would say, since I do it the most. But I also do Fashion/editorial and Fitness. I enjoy my hight and how diverse I can be.

Have you ever done an artistic or glamour nude shoot? Yes, once. Not sure I would like to do it again. I rather do implied.

What type style/type of bikinis you love to model most? Bikini competition ones, I love the bling and the cut.

Do you like shooting more in studio or on location? Location

What’s your your favorite food, snack, drink during a shoot? I usually don’t drink or eat. unless I’m shooting outdoors and in extreme heat conditions. Then I’ll bring some Powerade Zero and some nuts!

Your favorite music too listen to during a shoot? House Music or Michael Jackson

What can make a model more comfortable with a photographer during a photo shoot session? If the photographer is respectful. I dislike when photographers have a flirtatious attitude.

What can you advice new models coming in the industry about modeling in general? To have fun with it and do it as a hobby. Don’t let anyone discourage you from following your dreams. Will be a lot of haters, which means you got game. So ignore them and continue shinning.

What is your opinion on TFP/TFCD? I only do it to enhance my portfolio and for certain publications submissions. If I have the means, I don’t mind paying for an outstanding photographer!!

What is your opinion on bringing an escort to a photo shoot? I usually don’t, but I would if I don’t know the photographer or have no references on him.

How do you handle photographers that don’t deliver as promised? I won’r shoot with them again. And I won’t refer him to any model. I won’t talk trash but this is a small community and word of the mouth gets you a lot of work or not!

What is your opinion on photoshop and retouching? I think retouching is a great tool but some do it a bit too much. You won’t recognize half of the models if you see them in person. I want the images to look like me. I don’t like when they make me look like someone else. Not necessary! Photoshop is a great tool. No one is perfect but, like I said, some photographers abuse of it.

How do you stay in such great shape? Strict diet and I work out at least 3x a week.

Posing 101 what advice can you give new and aspiring models entering the industry on posing?Study the magazines for poses you would like to do. We can always learn new things. I would book shoots with photographers that can help you with your posing as well. Do your research and invest in great images!

Facial expressions how important are they? They are very important. Specially for Glamour work.

What has been your most memorable experience you have had as a model? A 4 day photoshoot in a huge Mansion in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I was lucky to be selected to participate and had a great time shooting w/top photographers and models in the industry!

What has been your worst memorable experience as a model? To shoot with photographers that promised you the world if you would flirt or else. So, always check with other models for references. If it sounds too good to be true, run!!

Have you had the support of family and friends during your modeling career? Yes absolutely, my family loves it!

What are your goals as a model and what would you like to accomplish next? I’m really having fun with it. It’s a hobby to me. I would like to be published internationally a little bit more. If it happens, great. If doesn’t it’s ok. I’m having a great time with it!!

Do you have a favorite quote? “Dream until your dreams come true.”

What’s something interesting about your-self that people would be surprised? I can sing Opera!

Anything else about yourself or insights you would like to share with us? I am also a Certified Pilates Instructor and a writer. I have 3 Columns. I write for magazines. I love it because people will get to know me for who I truly am. Not only for my looks.

Thank you Ana for taking the time to interview with FXM® best wishes and much success in all your modeling goals and, in life!! We look forward to working with you in future FXM® publishing and projects.

Ana’s Stats: Height: 5′ 7″, Weight: 115 lbs., Bust: 32″ Waist: 24″, Hips: 33″ , Cup: D, Dress: 0, Shoe: 7, Hair Color: Blonde – Length: Long , Eye Color: Brown, Skin Color: Tanned

To learn more about Ana’s modeling work and to stay up to date with her modeling projects visit her online portfolio.

The photograph’s of Ana appearing in this editorial photographed by (In ascending order): Garry Miller Foto, Garry Miller Foto, PRADOFOTO, Evolve Photography, Garry Miller Foto, Evolve Photography, Evolve Photography, PRADOFOTO, Tomasino Photos, LHGFX Photography, PRADOFOTO, LHGFX Photography, PN, Evolve Photography, Garry Miller Foto, Nicholson Studios

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