Cover & Featured Model of the Week: Kerri Taylor (Interview/Photos)

600kerriCover & Featured Model of the Week: Kerri Taylor -29 , NJ, USA  (Interview/Photos)

Hi Kerri and welcome to FXM. Can you tell us how did you get started in modeling and, what inspired you to get started? I submitted to this one casting in backstage (which is a casting newspaper/ magazine thing) and ended meeting up with this guy who was producing this show. The show didn’t work out because the guy was a total flake, but I am ended up becoming friends with his cameraman, who knew some people. I started doing a few b movies with them and then went to horror conventions where I met more producers who asked me to act in more B-movies. I met a girl on a set that told me about the One Model Place site and I checked it out and put up a profile and started from there. I originally had no intention of ever really modeling as a job, it just seemed like a way to make easy money at the time as a ton of the acting projects I did never came out. I originally wanted to be an actress so I wasn’t aspiring to be a model at all. Well that changed, and I am now a full time model who travels all over the United States. I started as a glamour/art model mostly, but now I focus on latex and fetish.

What do you love most about modeling? I like seeing the final product after the shoot. It’s amazing to see the outcome when you did an awesome fetish fashion shoot with crazy makeup, hair, and beautiful outfits. It’s like you can’t even believe it is you. I also love when I see a shoot I did get published. It makes it so much more gratifying when you get your work noticed in a publication. :)

What do you dislike most about modeling? I hate all the rude ass shady people who try to take advantage of young, naive girls. This was always frustrating to me as lots of people promised me things that never happened. They never gave me pics from a tfp shoot and took advantage of me being naive which always sucks. All these guys always say they are big producers and can make you a “star”, can get you in movies and they work for “playboy” blah blah blah.. I really wish I had someone to guide me when I first started with the acting/modeling because I really had no idea what the hell I was doing/who to trust/who not to, etc. But as time when on, I got much better … And I think I’m ok now….

What modeling genre classified you best? I generally do Latex, fetish fashion, and glamour/ fetish /art nude.

How did your first nude photo shoot go? Well as I said started out doing video for b movies not stills… It was fine and was a topless dancing around video type thing. . I did a couple of films, photo-shoots, and conventions with the companies I worked with. After that, I got on one model place and starting booking my own shoots with local photographers and doing local workshops. It wasn’t till 3 years later that I started traveling.

What can make a model more comfortable with a photographer during a nude photo shoot session? I started bringing my best friend with me when I first started as it made me feel more comfortable to not be alone. There are too many jackasses trying to push new, inexperienced models to do more than what they are comfortable doing. Don’t pressure a model to do anything she doesn’t want to do.   Also talk to the model about what you want to shoot to make sure you both agree on the content and what it is being used for. It can be very uncomfortable if both parties are not clear on what content was agreed on and you get there and it’s like ummm no.

What can you advice new models coming in the industry about nude modeling in general? I would suggest brining an escort if it makes you feel more comfortable and you definitely need to check references on photographers. There are wayyy too many wannabee pervs, you need to be safe. I would be very, very clear with what your limits are as well and don’t be afraid to stand your ground.  I would also suggest attending local workshops or meet and greets in your area, this way you can meet lots of photographers and models and get some experience. You can also try to ask fellow professional models for some contacts or photographers in the area. Once you get comfortable with local work, I highly recommend traveling and doing conventions and stuff like that in order to make more money and to get your name out there.

What is your opinion on TFP/TFCD? It’s cool when you are starting out and need to build your portfolio, if you are working with a great photographer with a full team of hair, wardrobe, and makeup, or if it is for a magazine submission. . Other than that, my opinion is FUCK THAT lol.

What is your opinion on bringing an escort to a photo shoot? I highly recommend it when you are first starting or if it’s a photographer who doesn’t have any references. Just don’t bring your mom, you brother, your cousin, your dog, your grandfather, your next door neighbor etc… One well behaved escort is fine, not your whole family. But, if you have a jealous boyfriend though, leave his ass at home.

klpHow do you handle photographers that don’t deliver as promised? When I started, I worked with lots of guys who never gave me one single picture from a tfp shoot. I would just tell other models not to work with them as they don’t give pictures and waste your time. .Now I refuse to do tfp unless it’s a close friend or someone a model friend has worked with, so I don’t have that problem anymore.  If it’s a paid shoot, I don’t care if I get photos if I’m getting paid. J

What is your opinion on photo shop and retouching? I love Photoshop and retouching. I wish more photographers would use it. I hate it when I work with photographers who don’t use it at all and you see the pimples and bags under your eyes and look hideous. UGH. I mean just a little fixing up can make a HUGE difference. However, photo shopping the pictures so the model looks like a totally different person isn’t cool. You shouldn’t make the girl look 50 lbs. less than she really is as this isn’t fair to the other people who are hiring her and are expecting that person to show up. The exception to lots of extravagant photoshop is graphic artist guys like michael rosen who turn the pictures into a piece of art.

How do you stay in such shape? HAA. I’m not really in super great shape, I’m in average shape. I’m 5’4 and 130lbs. I go to yoga sometimes and I’ve tried doing zumba, but that’s it.

Posing 101 what advice can you give new and aspiring models entering the industry on posing? I think it really helps to have some sort of dance or gymnastic training. The best models are always dancers. I kind of just did my own thing all the time, whatever came naturally. I guess it helps to look at the other popular models portfolios, practice in the mirror, and to look at magazines for ideas. I never did any of that though.

Facial expressions how important are they? I was never really great at facial expressions. My face is generally the same in every pic hahaa. You just don’t want to look like a scared ass wide eyed deer in headlights all the time.

What has been your most memorable experience you have had as a model? Getting the cover/centerfold of easy riders magazine was pretty cool. I also did a commercial for the Tribeca Film Festival where I was a latex dominatrix alongside a fire breather and a flying hawk.

What has been your worst memorable experience as a model? Working with a pushy ass local photographer who I thought was my friend who tried to push me to shoot content I was not comfortable with. When I asked this person to delete certain images I was not comfortable with, he tried to blackmail me and extort crazy amounts of money from me even though it was a fucking tfp shoot that I never got photos from. He wanted to charge me all this money to “not use certain pics”, when I was never even paid for the shoot or even got any damn photos in the first place. This really upset me because it was someone I thought was my friend. :( I still cringe and get upset when I see his portfolio to this day. It brings back such horrible memories.

Have you had the support of family and friends during your modeling career? My parents know I do nude stuff. . They were very unhappy at first, but they learned to deal with it and are like whatever now. My friends are supportive and most are fellow models/actors/dancers as well. I haven’t had any stupid ass jealous boyfriends so that’s good.

What are your goals as a model and what would you like to accomplish next? I would like to get into more publications and more print work. I would like to get in more commercials, music videos, and tv shows/films as well. I love going to burlesque shows, so I would defiantly like to one day get an act together and perform in one as well. I also like to sing, so I would love to do that somehow as well.

Thank you Kerri for taking time to interview with FXM. We wih you continued success! and look forward to working with you in future FXM publishings and projects.

To learn more about Kerri’s modeling work and to stay up to date with her modeling projects visit her website(s) and social media platforms at: (modeling page) (modeling) (fan page)  regular page

The photograph’s of Kerri appearing in this editorial photographed by (In ascending order): David Holyman, ________, Tim Hays Photography, PhotoByBean, Chri Young, MikeyBoy, Anastasakos, Anastasakos, ________, Matthias Finke, ________, Angelique Kithos, MikeyBoy, ________, Chris Young, ________, Anastasakos, ________.

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