Road Vixens: Daniella Rose “Broken Car” by Mikhail Veter (The Story)

Road Vixens: FXM®Model, Daniella Rose “Broken Car” by Mikhail Veter (From Daniella’s November, 2012 FXM®Digital “Road Vixens” pictorial. The Story….

It was one of the hot falls days when you want to hit the road looking for some adventures. I packed my bag and left the house. The air was so warm that I put only cute short dress and heels on. It is always a good idea to stay sleek and chick! Even when you are driving on unknown road! Suddenly the engine made a bad sound and my car stopped in the middle of nowhere. I had to go and see what happened. Uh my playful dress, never stays where it should be! Haha I thought I heard something; maybe help is already on its way.

I have no idea what I am looking at, Why I even opened this thing? So, I figured it if I call to my girlfriend she might say what I need to do now. The car is broken; my friend did not pick up the phone. So well, I am leaving this useless broken car right here! Just need to take my bag and I am ready to go!

Where am I at all? Haha. The road looks deserted. Hm… Nothing bad could happened to me this amazing sunny day! I will just walk till I find fun! I am looking good! From behind, too! LOL

Check out Daniella’s full “Broken Car” by Mikhail Veter “Road Vixens” pictorial at pg.# 90-91

Daniella was in an area in NJ that got hit bad by the “Superstorm Sandy”  Thank GOD she’s fine!!! We wish her, family and friends all the best and support during this recover period!!! — JD

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