Cover & Featured Model of the Week: Xlcr Moon (Interview/Photos)

FemmeXposure®Magazine interview with cover & featured model of the week Xlcr Moon, TX, USA

From glamour, alternative to fetish. Blonde to red head or any other color in between, Xlcr Moon can tranform herself to a mix of flavors that keeps you anticipating and quessing what would be her next look. Xlcr Moon has worked with hundreds of photographers, has shot in more than fourteen States, always in high demand and booked through out the year. She’s has been published in numerous online and print publications. Did we mentioned she’s also a PT photographer!!

When did you get started in modeling and, what inspired you to get started? My first shoot was in 2005, and it kind of just fell into my lap from doing photography. The guy I shot with gave me very little coaching or direction, and was very impressed with how well I flowed in front of the camera and offered to manage me right off the bat. I was very surprised and sketchy as I didn’t think I was “typical model material” so I turned him down saying it wasn’t something I actually wanted to pursue. The next year several other photographers asked about shooting me, and it just became a regular occurrence, to the point I started doing shoots every month, then every week, and now virtually every day.

What do you love most about modeling? My father put it best “You got your wish, every day is Halloween.” Simple as that. I get to be a different character, wear crazy clothing, play with fake blood, and other props, crazy makeup, insane hair, and an extensive wardrobe.

What do you dislike most about modeling? Some of the perverts I have to deal with can be very stressful, and always annoying. Another major dislike is cancellations, when I’m traveling across country and someone cancels a half day shoot that puts me out majorly, especially if they refuse to pay cancellation fees, and act childish about it.

What modeling genre classified you best? My body is perfect for glamour, so that is what I get booked for about 90% of the time, I also love doing art nudes, and my fave thing to do is anything with a full set and elaborate hair makeup and wardrobe.

Have you had any formal modeling training? Nope, I was on dance team in high school so I am comfortable with my body and can flow from pose to pose, but never had any form of modeling training.

How did your first nude photo shoot go? Pretty well, I did fine art nudes, the guy made sure I was very comfortable, and made sure not to cross any boundaries etc, it was a very relaxed and fun shoot, and I loved the shots, from then on I just started shooting nudes on a regular basis.

What can make a model more comfortable with a photographer during a nude photo shoot session? I always find that having the model listen to her own music gets her into a more comfortable and relaxed state, so if you can work with music I strongly encourage it for a first time shoot with someone.

What are your favorite snacks/drink…etc. you like to have by during a shoot? Water, juice, and a veggie tray, I’m not vegetarian, but I love fruits and veggies, and its nice to have something tasty to snack on between sets etc.

What can you advise new models coming in the industry about nude modeling in general? It’s definitely not for everyone, and you will be ridiculed by lots of people for being a nude model, some girls have their families turn their backs on them, some girls have lost jobs over it. It’s all about what you really want to do with your life and being strong enough to deal with anything that comes your way. We were born nude, and I have always been into the arts so the human body is something I have had to study over the years, you just have to do what you feel comfortable with, make sure you always stay within your limits.

What is your opinion on TFP/TFCD? I will only do TF for guaranteed publications. Usually with a full team, makeup, hair, wardrobe from a designer etc. I have been doing this for years and have well gone past the point of needing to “build” a portfolio, this is my full time job and I have no need for TF.

What is your opinion on bringing an escort to a photo shoot? Someone if it makes the model feel more comfortable. Again, as a photographer, I would never tell anyone that they cannot have someone come with them. Some photographers are completely anti-escorts, and while I think that firmly putting your foot down with “no exceptions” is rather ridiculous, I can understand some of their arguments. I know some escorts have stolen from photographers, and some escorts can be a major distraction to the model, and that will interfere with the shoot itself, however, if a girl hasn’t worked with you before it may make them feel more comfortable to have someone with them that they are comfortable with to help them relax so the shoot will go smoothly. I can see it both ways. I usually travel across the country on my own, I occasionally have a friend with me who maybe wants to build a makeup port, or is going with me to help with driving or to visit family/friends. So most of the time I don’t have one and occasionally I do, but I have never had any problems with having an escort with me.

How do you handle photographers that don’t deliver as promised? If a photographer never sends me images, it usually annoys me, but I don’t throw a fit or anything, I may remind them about our shoot and ask if they plan to send images at some point, that I understand people may get swamped with other work etc, and I do like to see images from my shoots. But I rarely have problems with photographer not wanting to show me images.

What is your opinion on photo shop and retouching? I believe that it can enhance an image, but its truly up to the style you go for, and the look you are wanting to achieve, some photographers like to keep things looking as natural as possible, with very minimal to no editing at all, and some like to go over the top and get very artistic with it, adding different backgrounds, fantasy like themes especially will have a lot of photo shop.

How do you stay in shape? I run/jog occasionally, eat pretty healthy, and love to go out with friends and dance for hours about 2-3 nights a week, dancing is a great cardio exercise, and I personally don’t like to work out so its much more fun to go out and dance with friends than to go to a gym several days a week. However I love to swim, and will go swim laps for hours whenever I have the free time to do so.

Posing 101 what advice can you give new and aspiring models entering the industry on posing? Take a yoga class, or a dance class, something where you are getting very familiar with your body and moving around a lot. Then pick up an art book with various poses in it and study them, this will help you learn what will work best for your figure and be more comfortable with moving from one pose to the next with ease.

Facial expressions how important are they? VERY IMPORTANT! Too often I will glance through a new models port and they have the same dead eyes and fake smile plastered across their face in every image. Acting is a big part of modeling; you have to be able to convey emotions for different shoots looks and styles.

What has been your most memorable experience you have had as a model? Too many to list, I’m not sure if there is one that stands out more in my head, things like shooting nude in the snow freezing my butt off, being covered in oil, clay, powder, and mud, shooting in a creek up north in November, having a scorpion crawl across my bare foot on a shoot in an Arizona desert, having 3 sheriffs and 2 border patrol units show up to a shoot in the middle of nowhere to demand to inspect vehicles, thinking we were smuggling illegal aliens or something, having slushies’ thrown at me to catch movement and splatter, having people randomly walk into a secluded wooded area where I’m shooting nude, the list goes on and on, I have had a lot of crazy experiences over the past few years of modeling.

What has been your worst memorable experience as a model? Having a “photographer” try to get me to do a “POVBJ” Needless to say I snapped on him, cussed him out, got my money and ended the shoot immediately.

Have you had the support of family and friends during your modeling career? 100% and I could not be more fortunate for having that in my life. Family is very important to me, and I know so many models whose families have disowned them for what they do. It’s unfair to discard your own flesh and blood because of a life choice that makes them happy. I am very very lucky to have a huge support system throughout my family and friends.

What are your goals as a model and what would you like to accomplish next? My ultimate goal is to be on the cover of Gothic Beauty Magazine, it’s my absolute favorite magazine in the alt world. I would love to continue to be published in more magazines in various genres, hope to be in Playboy at one point, and even break into acting. I will also work on a clothing line at some point. I like to do way too many things at once.

Anything else about yourself you would like to share with us? Modeling is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. I do photography, design, promote bands, and organize events. I love to paint and sing, and of course dance. Hopefully people can see me as more than just another pretty face, and give me respect as an artist of all sorts.

Thank you, Xlcr Moon for taking the time to interview with FXM®. Look forward to continue working with you in future FXM® projects and publishing’s!

To learn more about Xlcr Moon’s modeling work visit her online portfolio.

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