Cover & Featured Model of the Week, 40+Sexy Samantha (Interview/Pictorial)

FemmeXposure® Magazine interview with 40+Sexy Model, Samantha Lee – NJ, USA

Hello Samantha and, welcome to FXM®! When did you get started in modeling and, what inspired you to get started? Thank you very much and I am quite proud and honored to be a part of FemmeXposure Magazine. I started modeling in October 2011 when I decided to do a boudoir photo shoot since I was turning 45 yrs old and felt it was a special time for me as a woman. I had attempted to venture into modeling when I was in high school but was told that my look was too sophisticated for my age so I stopped pursuing modeling as a career until I did the boudoir photo shoot. I had been divorced for a year and I finally decided it was time for me to live my life the way I wanted to and do things that I wanted to do instead of being told that I wasn’t good enough. Once I got the unedited images from the boudoir shoot, I was so amazed and impressed that I could actually look so good without even being retouched, especially for my age, that I decided that modeling was back in the cards for me and I started joining online sites right away.

What do you love most about modeling? I love meeting new people and networking with all kinds of people in different areas of modeling such as hairstylists, MUA’s, wardrobe stylists and most importantly, photographers. There is so much to learn about this industry and that’s what I love the most; I love to learn and each shoot is different from the next. Each photographer that I have shot with has shot me differently and, although it can take some getting used to, I feel I have gained a lot of insight into the different types of shooting styles. I also enjoy being able to express myself freely through my body language and expressions.

What do you dislike most about modeling? This is a very difficult question for me as I have only been modeling for such a short time, however, I have had some very bad experiences and that is what I dislike the most. I have been contacted by all types of so-called photographers that claim that they can capture me better than any other photographer already has but their real agenda is getting me to take my clothes off. We all know about those GWC’s and I have been scammed, fallen into traps and believed some of these people but luckily, except for one time, I was able to realize what was going on before I actually got caught up in the whole scam.

What modeling genre classified you best? I believe, as my port currently portrays me, that the genre that best classifies me is as a lingerie model, however, I am trying quite hard to venture into other genres that I enjoy. I would love to do glamour, fashion, casual, lifestyle, swimsuit, pinup and many other genres as well. Most photographers prefer me in lingerie.

What are your thoughts and issues with nude posing? As far as nude posing goes, I have no issues with it at all as long as it is tasteful posing. I have always wanted to be published in classy nude magazines as I feel that nudity is actually a female art form. The female form is a beautiful work of art and should be shown as such. The most important aspect of nude posing is that you have to trust the photographer and your intentions as well as his/hers must be clearly discussed so that you are both on the same page as far as how you would like to be posed.

Have you had any formal modeling training? No, I have not had any formal modeling training. There are many training programs out there but I feel no matter how much training you actually get from a class, you will never gain the knowledge that you need until you actually start shooting because THAT is where you are going to get your training from; being in front of the camera.

How did your first nude photo shoot go? I was very fortunate with my first nude shoot as it was actually part of my boudoir shoot. I told the photographer, who was a female, that I did want to do some nudes so she knew when I scheduled the shoot exactly what I wanted and I told her exactly how I wanted my nudes to be shot (such as decoration, accessories, etc) . Unfortunately, that part of the shoot failed as far as the decorations but I was quite comfortable and have absolutely no regrets.

What can make a model more comfortable with a photographer during a glamour photo shoot session? And is there anything different that can make a model more comfortable in a nude photo shoot session?I really don’t see any reason for a model to be uncomfortable during a glamour photo shoot as they are generally completely covered but it is very important that the model and the photographer discuss, in detail, exactly how the shoot will go. This should make the shoot go that much more smoothly.

As far as a nude photo shoot goes, that is a bit different and can be very uncomfortable unless the model and the photographer have developed some type of personal relationship. Remember, when shooting nude, you are completely “out there baring all” and you can’t hide anything so it’s a very vulnerable position to be in. For that matter alone, the model should have as much contact with the photographer before the shoot as possible, including possibly meeting in a public place so that they can get to know each other. This should help cut down on the nerves. Also, viewing the photographers nude images should be an indicator as to how well he/she can actually shoot nude models and if the model is not quite taken with those shots, I would not suggest using that photographer. It is very important to gradually work into the nudes; starting with glamour, fashion, those types of shoots before jumping into nude shoots. If this is how the photographer wants to shoot, I would be very skeptical unless you are strictly shooting nudes for a specific reason. You need to build trust and confidence with your photographer so shooting the other genres first will help loosen you up and make you more comfortable so that when it comes time to bare all, you should feel comfortable enough to do so without hesitation.

What can you advice new models coming in the industry about modeling in general? The best advice I can give to new models is to do as much research as possible about modeling in general. There are many YouTube videos that deal with modeling, poses, tips, etc and I, myself, have watched a few to get some ideas and they do help. The most important advice is to always, and I cannot express this enough, ALWAYS check the photographer’s references. Do NOT check the references of models that he/she gave you a list of but go through his/her portfolio, find models that the photographer shot recently, say within the past year and contact at least 4 of them but do NOT tell the photographer who you are contacting. If you receive all good references, then you are good to go but if not, find out what the problems were and if you find that 2 out of the 4 models did not have a good experience, I would say move on to another photographer. I have found that, when viewing a photographer’s portfolio, you can tell who truly has a passion for what they do and who just likes to take pictures. It shows in their work and I picked that up on my own. Those are the types of photographers that you definitely want to work with; the ones whose passion shows through their work.

One last handy piece of advice is always wear loose fitting clothing when going to a shoot as any type of clothing that is fitted or tight can and will leave marks in your skin. It does not look pretty in pictures, takes a long time for the skin to bounce back to normal and I have heard (although I do not know if it is true) that it takes a long time to photo shop out those lines. Also, always bring more than you think you will need. If you are asked for 5 outfits, bring 10. It is always better to have a lot of options and to have more than enough than to end up being upset because you either don’t have enough or the photographer suggests something and you have it but it’s at home. I have a huge bag I use just for shoes and boots. Always bring all different kinds of accessories as they can bring more drama to your images, especially for implieds, topless and nudes. Always discuss with the photographer exactly how the shoot will go such as how he/she would like to start. Anything that has been emailed or texted back and forth should always be saved for future reference.

What is your opinion on TFP/TFCD? Everybody should start off doing TFP/TFCD to build their portfolios. Success does not happen overnight and you have to truly work your butt off to get where you are looking to go and you may never get there but at least you know you tried. All of my images have been done on a TFCD basis and if it were not for that offer, I probably would not have many, if any, images to have gotten me to where I am today. I think TFP/TFCD is extremely important for ALL models; not just new ones due to the forever changing demands of what magazines, publications, etc are looking for so models will always need to update their portfolios.

What is your opinion on bringing an escort to a photo shoot? ALWAYS BRING AN ESCORT TO A PHOTO SHOOT!!!!! Your safety is your number one priority and you can’t trust everyone, unfortunately. I would not suggest bringing a boyfriend, fiancé or husband that gets jealous easily and you need to advise your escort that they are to be as unobtrusive as possible. The shoot is strictly between you and the photographer and any interference is going to make the shoot go bad and you may never be called back again and could end up on a list of “Do Not Work With”

How do you handle photographers that don’t deliver as promised? Well…being that I have already run into that problem, as much as I’d like to really rip into them and add them to a list of “Do Not Work With”, for a model, I feel that is unprofessional so I just let it go but not until I have contacted the photographer to ask what the status is of my edits or whatever it is I am waiting for and then if I do not get an answer or I get the run around, I just don’t deal with that photographer ever again and if someone were to contact me regarding that photographer, I would definitely let them know what happened.

What is your opinion on photo shop and retouching? I feel there is a definite need for retouching as long as it is not overdone. I have seen some images where the model is so overdone, they look plastic. I have also seen some models in person and then when I see their images, they don’t look ANYTHING like they do in person. That is not ok. Retouching is best for covering up scars, smoothing out skin (such as skin folds that appear due to certain poses), evening out skin tone, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles and emphasizing the models’ favorite features. Bottom line is, make the model look recognizable as herself, not as Barbie.

You are a 40+Sexy model who by the way is in phenomenal shape!! How do you stay in such great shape? Thank you very much for that compliment. I am 45 yrs young and, once you hit 40, your metabolism starts to slow down so it’s very important to eat healthy and exercise. That doesn’t mean that you have to go to the gym for 2 hours but just doing something on a regular basis is better than doing nothing at all. Taking good care of oneself is the reason why us 40+ models look the way we do. We all live very hectic lives but just squeezing in 30 minutes a day of some type of activity and remembering to watch what you eat because you can’t eat as much as you used to is the best way to go. I used to be a personal trainer so it’s easier for me knowing what to do but, like I said, doing something is better than doing nothing.

Posing 101, what advice can you give new and aspiring models entering the industry on posing? As far as posing goes, I prefer working with photographers that will give me direction as to what he/she is trying to capture. They are the ones behind the camera and have the experience of shooting different models so I like to get some kind of direction from them, however, you should NEVER look like you are posing. It shows in the image and it looks fake. Just relax into the “pose” and be as natural as you can. Your body can only move in certain ways so don’t force it to do things it can’t or you will be very sore the next day. Just be yourself and do what feels natural to you and your body.

Facial expressions how important are they? Facial expressions can tell a lot about a person hence, making them extremely important. I’m not one that smiles in the majority of my images; however, I like to use my eyes to portray my expressions. You can smile through your eyes without moving your lips, you can look happy through your eyes, sad, wondering, etc. No matter how you decide to portray your facial expressions, they are extremely important and I would recommend practicing in front of a mirror as to what looks the best and what angle(s) look the best for you. You can look very seductive and sensual without even trying.

What has been your most memorable experience you have had as a model? Funny that this question is being asked of me at this point in my modeling career because I would have to say being chosen to be featured in FemmeXposure after only modeling for a few months has got to be my most memorable experience. The other most memorable experience is having been contacted by a photographer whose portfolio I have viewed and was blown away by. When I received a message from him stating that he wanted to shoot me, I was blown away. He said the most complimentary comments to me and I couldn’t believe that a man with his level of expertise actually wanted to shoot with me!!!! Not only is he a phenomenal photographer but a wonderful person as well who is so proud of me for where I am right now.

What has been your worst memorable experience as a model? That’s easy to answer. The first would be my second photo shoot where the photographer claimed he loved to help models build their ports but he was mostly a sporting events photographer. Ends up, he doesn’t even know how to shoot models!!!! He was awful, my images were awful and he was one that never delivered, however, I did get my CD after contacting him several times for them but he shot everything with a green screen so I can’t even edit anything myself or send them out. It was a complete waste of time and his whole scheme to get me to shoot with him was just that….a scheme. The other would be the porn offers I was getting as well as some guys that came right out and told me they wanted to shoot with me for their own collection but would pay me and that it was strictly professional!!!! Ok??? Now, I’ve heard everything!!

Have you had the support of family and friends during your modeling career? I literally just told one of my sisters about my modeling career but haven’t told her everything. She is supportive of me in that she knows that I’ve always wanted to model and she is very proud of me that I am finally pursuing it however, she would not be supportive of my doing nude shoots but that is my business and I am fine with it.

What are your goals as a model and what would you like to accomplish next? My goals as a model are to spread the word that women over 40 can still be beautiful and sexy and that there is a demand for us, especially now. Also, that it is never too late to start a career in modeling. I would love to make the cover of some very famous magazines, have articles written about me, write articles myself about my experiences as a model starting at the age of 45 and, most importantly, having my name recognized in the wonderful world of modeling.

Anything else about yourself or insights you would like to share with us? I am a very hard working and dedicated individual who will stop at nothing to reach my goal. I am also a very laid back person but don’t let that fool you as I am the type of person who will get the job done when it is expected to be done without any nonsense but I do enjoy having fun along the way. It has been my pleasure sharing my experiences with all of you and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Remember…if you believe you are good enough, you ARE good enough and don’t ever stop believing in yourself!!!!! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise; you are your own person and you do what’s right for YOU not for them and that is a motto that I can FINALLY live by!!!!

Thank you, Samantha for taking the time to interview with FXM® Continue success! Best wishes in all your modeling goals and in life!

Samantha’s Stats: Age: 45, Height: 5′ 6″, Weight: 125 lbs, Bust: 34″, Waist: 25″, Hips: 33″, Cup: D, Dress: 0 Shoe: 8, Hair color: Blonde, Hair – Length: Medium, Eye color: Hazel, Skin color: White

To learn more about Samanth’s modeling work visit her online portfolio.

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