Interview with FXM Cover & Featured Model of the Week, Anyssa

FemmeXposure® Magazine interviews model, Anyssa.

When did you get started in modeling and, what inspired you to get started?  I modeled on and off as a teenager, but I didn’t start really focusing on it till about 8 years ago. I had gotten injured and I had to take a break from my life as a modern dancer.  I needed a creative outlet and the modeling was something that kept coming up for me.  I decided at that point to focus my attention on modeling.

What do you love most about modeling?  I love becoming different characters in front of the camera or expressing different aspects of my own personality.  I love the inexplicable feeling that arises when you know you “got the shot”.  I love that film can pick up the subtle differences in a look or feel just by changing a thought.

What do you dislike most about modeling?  There isn’t really anything that I don’t like about modeling.  I enjoy the whole process from beginning to end.  I always want to be working more.

What modeling genre classified you best? I guess most people would categorize me as a glamour model.  I enjoy working a broad range from commercial and lifestyle to fine art and erotica.

How did your first nude photo shoot go?  While I was dancing at Ohio State, I had the amazing opportunity of performing with the Bill T. Jones/ Arnie Zane Dance Co. The entire performance was danced nude in front of an audience of 3,000 people. I never had any issues with being nude in front of people or the camera after that experience.   My first nude shoot was with an amazing artist named Colin J. Rae.  I loved his work and his surreal aesthetic and had a blast working with him.

What can make a model more comfortable with a photographer during a nude photo shoot session? If I’m shooting nude with a photographer, I make sure that I am very familiar with their work and that I really like the work they do.  At that point I trust that the images will be beautiful.

What can you advice new models coming in the industry about nude modeling in general?  I think it really helps to look through as many nude photography books as possible.  They really inspire me.  Also I have learned so much from watching other great models work.

What is your opinion on TFP/TFCD? I think TFP/TFCD is a great way for models and photographers to expand their books.  We should always be working on our books.  It also allows for a little more creativity because you aren’t shooting specifically for a client.

What is your opinion on bringing an escort to a photo shoot? It really depends on the situation.   If I am shooting with someone new and I don’t know any of the models he or she has shot, then I probably would ask to bring an escort.  Most photographers in that case haven’t seemed to have issue with it as long as the escort stays out of the way.

How do you handle photographers that don’t deliver as promised?  I haven’t had very much of an issue as far as this goes.  It’s a small world and reputation means a lot.

What is your opinion on photo shop and retouching?  Every image we see in print and advertising is Photo shopped.  A photograph is a piece of art and it is the artist’s prerogative and an integral part of their overall look and style. It is an essential component of digital art. In my opinion an image is not complete until some sort of post production has been done.

How do you stay in such shape? Right now I am in the gym for 2 hours every day.  I prefer to mix it up with Pilates and dance, but for now it’s all about the gym.

Posing 101 what advice can you give new and aspiring models entering the industry on posing? It seems silly, but the posing yourself in the mirror technique is tried and true.  Looking through books and magazines to see how women with similar shapes pose themselves is great as well.

Facial expressions how important are they? I think having a range of expressions is key. I get really bored looking through a models portfolio who makes the same expression in every photo.

What has been your most memorable experience you have had as a model?  I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunities to work with so many amazing artists.

What has been your worst memorable experience as a model? Have you had the support of family and friends during your modeling career? My mom has told me she doesn’t like pictures where my “tushy” is hanging out.  My friends really seem to like the work I do and always are great with their comments and insights.

You are also an actor and, dancer. Can you give us a little insight on this? Acting is a real challenge for me. To introduce voice and text into the mix is a whole other arsenal of skills.  I took it on as a part of my own personal growth.

What are your goals as a model and what would you like to accomplish next? I would like to be working as a model for a long, long time.  I have fantasies of being one of those silver haired models in the cruise ship ads.

Thank you Anyssa for taking time to interview with FXM. We look forward to working with you in future FXM projects.

To learn more about Anyssa’s modeling work, please visit her official website at the photograph’s of Anyssa appearing in this feature photographed by, in ascending order. (Cover Shot), Perry Gallagher , PHOTOSbyPRIAPUS.



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